About Us

About us

Supertechs started out in 2013 as just an idea. We envisioned starting a business that focused on our “customers needs first”. We wanted to create a place where we could be personal with our clients while providing excellent service. We believe it takes personal attention and quality products to be a great company, and that’s what we’re striving for. 

Why Choose Us

  1. Direct communication with clients

    When you contact us you'll be in direct contact with a technician, usually within the hour.

  2. Excellent Service

    Because we're a small business, we can provide a more intimate relationship with our clients. This results in faster response times, direct contact with technicians, and same day service. 

  3. Quality Products

    We only work with quality products. We refurbish our own equipment and put it through a rigorous stress test before deploying to a customer. 

  4. Competitive pricing

    Our pricing is at or lower than our competitors, combine that with the service we provide and you'll see why Supertechs is right for you.

Personal Communication

We utilize current technology to give our clients a personable experience. You will be in Direct contact with your service personal at all times during your contract.  

95% return rate

Growing Fast


Since opening in 2013, we’ve had a steady stream of organic growth. 90% of our business comes from repeat customers or referrals. As the word spreads about us, more customers are choosing Supertechs over the competition. If at any time your not happy with a machine, we’ll swap it out at no cost to you. Customer Service is our number 1 priority!


Repeat Customers
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Our Clients

These are just some of our amazing clients.